Which races to run this year, Machaa?

It’s May and if you have still not asked that question, it would amount to blasphemy and no amount of late bird registration fee can wash away your sins. :)

But we understand, choosing races can be taxing and at times, would mean spending countless hours on the net trying to figure out which will work best for you. So we decided to make life a little easy for you. We have shortlisted a bunch of races that are relatively new in the running circuit that might interest the runner in you. Not that the races that are not featured here are races that you should not consider. This is our list. If you would like to add to this list, do write in to us and we will happily add it here. The more, the merrier.


Javadhu Hills Ultra


Image credit: Javadhu Hills Ultra FB Page

Javadhu Hills Ultra – The awesome folks over at Chennai Trekking Club conduct this race and this year will be the 2nd edition of it. The 1st edition got some rave reviews. We highly recommend that you give this race a look. Do register soon as there are limited slots up for grabs and they do fill up fast. There are qualifying times that you need to meet before you register. Check out the website for more info on this.

Date: 12th July

Location: Athipet near Jamunamarathur, Javadhu Hills

Top 5 reasons to take part:

  • Beautiful trail
  • Runner support
  • Positive feedback from previous edition(s)
  • Challenging route
  • Did we mention beautiful trail?

Distance: 25K, 50K and 75K

Website: www.chennaitrekkers.org




Image credit: TROT FB Page


TRORT (The Run of Raramuri Tribe) – The hand that heals also is the one that organizes this race. Yes, we are referring to Doc Gladson and his team who, apart from doing a fab job on fixing injured runners, also organize a challenging road race. The route is tough.  It’s got plenty of short steep climbs to test both your stamina and strength. We strongly advise that you train hard if you intend to sign up for it.

Date: 18th July

Location: Near KSIT College, Kanakapura road, Bangalore.

Top 5 reasons to take part:

  • Challenging route
  • Runner support
  • Positive feedback from previous edition(s)
  • Traffic free route
  • Run for a cause – Proceeds from TRORT goes towards education and health expenses for HIV infected children.

Distance: 10K, 21.1K & 42.2K

Website: http://attitudeprime.com/trort



Image credit: BNP Endurathon FB Page

BNP Endurathon – The first edition took place last year and the runners loved it. The race is organised by runners and the route is inside the scenic Borivili National Park. The medals were unique and each medal had the name of the runner printed on it – how cool is that!

Date: 18th July

Location: Gandhi Tekdi, Borivili National Park, Mumbai

Top 5 reasons to take part:

  • Runner support
  • Challenging route
  • Positive feedback from previous edition(s)
  • July and Mumbai – a very high chance that it could rain and running in the rains is super fun!
  • Kickass medal!

Distance: 12.5K & 25K

Website: http://bnpgreenrunners.org/


South Tamilnadu Marathon


Image credit: South Tamil Nadu Marathon FB page

South Tamilnadu Marathon – The South Tamil Nadu marathon series heads over to the port town of Tuticorin this year after a successful 1st edition at Tirunelveli. The organizers have chosen Tuticorin because it encompasses all five geographical traditions of Tamil Literature: mountains, forest, paddy fields, coastal and desert.

Date: 9th August

Location: Tuticorin, Tamilnadu

Top 5 reasons to take part:

  • Runner support
  • Positive feedback from previous edition(s)
  • Run along the picturesque town of Tuticorin
  • Maybe you can run it this year and tell us the next 2 reasons? :)

Website: www.southtamilnadumarathon.com


12 Hour Mumbai Ultra


Image credit: 12 Hour Mumbai Ultra FB page

12-hour Mumbai Ultra – Mumbai’s first Ultra marathon. The first edition was a huge success. Our resident runner and social media guru Nasir Engineer gave two thumbs for it. Dig this, there is no entry fee for this race but we urge runners not to abuse this privilege. Register only if you are absolutely sure that you will make it.

Date: 15th August

Location: Shivaji Park, Mumbai.

Top 5 reasons to take part:

  • What better way to celebrate Independence Day!
  • Runner support
  • Positive feedback from previous edition(s)
  • Run along the beautiful Worli sea face, multiple times over
  •  No entry fee

Distance: Run as much or as little as you want.

Website: www.mumbaiultra.in


Satara Hill Marathon


Image credit: Satara Hill Marathon FB page

Satara Hill Marathon – The last 2 editions have been a resounding success and runners who have run it swear by the challenge it throws up. As the name goes, the route snakes through a hill and certain sections of it are quite steep. This one definitely needs some serious training if you are to finish strong. Since a majority of the runners are outstation runners, finding accommodation will be difficult. The organisers do help out in this regard but it’s best that you figure out accommodation options before registering.

Date: 6th September

Location: Satara, Maharashtra

Top 5 reasons to take part:

  • Hills! They don’t lie.
  • Runner support
  • Positive feedback from previous edition(s)
  • Scenic route
  • The whole of Satara township comes together to organize it. Support them, we say!

Distance: 10K and 21.1K

Website: http://satarahillmarathon.com/


Spice Coast Marathon


Image credit: Spice Coast Marathon FB page

Spice Coast Marathon – The Spice Coast Marathon is organised by Cochin’s local running group. The course is USTAF certified; the only one in India and you can use this race as a Boston Qualifier. That apart, the route winds through many historical sites in Cochin and last year’s medal was as a thing of beauty.

Date: 15th November

Location: Cochin, Kerala

Top 5 reasons to take part:

  • Scenic & historical route – The route covers most of the important landmarks in Cochin.
  • Runner support
  • Positive feedback from previous edition(s)
  • Kickass medal
  • Certified Boston qualifier

Distance: 5K, 21.1K and 42.2K

Website: www.spicecoastmarathon.com/


Tata Steel 25K

 Image credit: Tata Steel 25K FB page

Tata Steel Kolkata 25K – Kolkata got it’s first big running event last year, thanks to Tata Steel 25K. Fellow RFLer M. Srivatsan ran it and had good things to say about it. We are quite intrigued by the distance – 25K, but hey, it has Kolkata up and running so tip of the hat to Procam for venturing out east.

Date: To be decided

Location: Kolkata

Top 5 reasons to take part:

  • Scenic & historical route – The route covers most of the important landmarks in Kolkata
  • Runner support
  • Positive feedback from previous edition(s)
  • Post run mishti dahi will taste way better than any other mishti dahi
  • Because our brothers in the east need our support to spread running there.

Distance: 25K

Website: http://tsk25.procamrunning.in/

So there you go!  We hope this helps in deciding what race to take part this year. If you do happen to run any of the races mentioned above or would like us to add more marathons to the list above, do write in to us about it. What would be great is if you could give us details about the race that you would like us to feature in the format that we have used.

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