Chatting with champions

We interviewed some of our national finale participants. And here is what they had to say:

Team Cadence from Delhi – Women’s National Finale Champs.

Three members of our team (Bhawna, Shaily & Niharika) were also Delhi winners of Puma Urban Stampede Powered by Flipkart 2014. So, it was the event we were looking forward to this year as well. Trials for team formation were held on Dec 3, 2014 and this team was formed.

NF - women Cadence1


#Awesome runner with Personal Best of 27 min@5k.

#Winner of 5C (CRY Cadence Corporate Citizenship Challenge) 5k marathon 2014
#Top ranker in Airtel Delhi Half Marathon (Corporate Females) 2014

NF - women Cadence4


#Powerful and consistent runner with Personal Best of 27:27min@5k.

#Runner Up of Decathalon Noida 2014 (16km Run)

#4th  ranker in Airtel Delhi Half Marathon (Corporate Females) 2014

NF - women Cadence3


#An unstoppable runner who started running just 3 months back that too in her 40+ age.

#Personal Best 27:35 min @5k

NF - women Cadence2


#Fastest evolving runner with Personal Best 25:38min @5k.
#Started with running time 32 min in Dec 2014 and improved to 25:38 in Mumbai nationals Mar 2015

#Runner up of 5C (CRY Cadence Corporate Citizenship Challenge) 5k marathon2014 & 2013


We starting our training for Delhi Run in December. We followed the training plan created by Tanvir Kazmi (our mentor and biggest inspiration) and gave our best despite of the chilly weather conditions. Then suddenly Niharika and Leena from our team faced some injuries and things got difficult. But our team never lost the motivation and we put best of our efforts, from diet to recovery exercises – we did it all. Even when our families were skeptical about running in these conditions, we were united, supporting each other. It was with this hard work, that we could win the Delhi event. (Timings: Bhawna 26:50, Shaily: 28:37, Leena: 35:54, Niharika: 42:14)


It was a moment of great joy when we won the Delhi event and decided to participate in the national finale at  Mumbai. Here too challenges were not any less. While Niharika and Leena were still recovering, Shaily had her wedding planned on 20 Feb. During this time also we put our 100% practicing every moment that we could spare. This journey offered us many things to learn about running, taking care of our bodies and even about life itself. The biggest thing that we learnt was to believe in ourselves and not giving up till the end.


The most exciting part of PUMA Urban Stampede Powered by Flipkart is running in groups. It brings best of individual efforts as well as the group efforts and thus makes running much more interesting.



Team Infosys:

Thanuj Kumar, super fast runner, and Kaveri Trail Marathon podium finisher answers some questions for his team.

PUS Chennai_deepthi indukuri-6728

What kind of training did you have to go through to get a podium finish at the Chennai event?

We had a training plan setup for all team members and they stuck to it. Though we started late, we were able to manage it with ease. Also runners at Mysore ensured that they did weekly runs together at all times. 4 days a week, training was the norm and all team members adhered to the schedule. As a result we set the best timing and we still can’t believe that we ran so faaast in the event.

What kind of training did you have to do to get a podium finish at the national finale in Mumbai?

For the finals, the team ensured that they participated in many events so that they get the practice  and improve the performance. On an average each male runner in our team managed to attend 6 events in Jan and Feb 2015. For training, on week days we did 2 days of fast run and one day of along run training. Also, we ensured that good health was maintained in order to go full on at the PUS finals. Result was amazing with 2 runners cracking their PB’s at the event!

PUS Chennai_deepthi indukuri-6700

What was exciting about it? Anything that was not?

For us, training was exciting as we had eyes set on the Ticket to Istanbul. Everyone gave their best in spite of being at various locations. 4 people located at 3 different location was the exciting stuff for us.

Regarding the national finals, most exciting thing was to compete against Bangalore teams at a neutral venue. This was a great thing. Also we met our running friends after a long gap of 3 months. The race itself was very competitive with all members giving their best to get that plane ticket. As usual RFL events rock and we enjoyed the race to the core.

Not exciting part was the fact that we didn’t end up as the top team and that made us feel not so good.

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