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A book on tri or three

At Runners For Life, we love reading! Okay, confession… not all of us, as a general body, but certainly, a large percentage are bookworms. And some of them really go through books on this...

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Book Review: Duel In The Sun

“Neither man broke; and neither, in any meaningful sense, lost.”   Although inextricably linked by the greatest marathon ever run, Salazar and Beardsley couldn’t have come from more disparate backgrounds with more contrasting attitudes...

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Running With The Kenyans by Adharanand Finn

Running With The Kenyans by Adharanand Finn  When we look at an east African running, we always wonder how they make a sport as difficult as running look like a stroll in the park....

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Book Review – Once a Runner

“They knew what gave pain its truly fearful dimension was a certain lack of familiarity. And these were sensations they knew very well.” To the non-runner or non-athlete this may seem like unnecessary bravado...

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