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Why morning runs

WHY MORNING RUNS Running for pleasure, running in a race, achieving the runner’s high, suffering the runner’s knee, overcoming the wall (The Blerch!), running in the morning, running in the evening, barefoot running, what...

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Running isn’t for me

If I got money for the number of times I heard “running isn’t for me” or its variants, “Oh, I can’t run”, “I don’t have the motivation”, “I’ll just do Yoga instead”, “I can’t...

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Walk this way

Those of you who remember RFL from 2006 might remember the old logo – a runner breasting a tape with the caption, “Why walk when you can run”. Ha! In this article, we are...

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The Benefits of Running

The Benefits of Running People have been running since time immemorial but only recently has long-distance running captured the Indian imagination. Although there are a multitude of possible reasons for it, the most likely...

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Tips for Beginners

Have been thinking about running but haven’t made a start yet? A few pointers by a runner who has been there before.Baby Steps1. When you start running after many years or if you haven’t...

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