Aid Station Diaries – Bijay Nair’s 2012K in 2012 in aid of Cancer patients.

Aid Station Diaries – Bijay Nair’s 2012K in 2012 in aid of Cancer patients

Q. Tell us more about the 2012K in 2012 project

A. My wife Mala came up with a thought that, since this year my birthday has a significance – it’s a onetime date 12-12-12 , so to make it memorable do some social service through my most loved passion that is Running. I am a passionate runner and running is my high. So this year till 12-12-12, I will be running 2012 Km and will run last the 12km on 12 Dec at 12.12 pm. For every km I run, I am raising 12 Rs and have already raised more than 15000 Rs. I am planning to run in 04 countries and as many cities in India. The entire amount raised will go to Tata Memorial Hospital to cure pediatric cancer patients. Also, the minimum contribution is for 12km i.e 144 Rs and maximum any. So through this 144Rs any one can become part of this movement.

Also, I have requested my friends to give their combine mileage. So as to clock a total of 12121.2 km and for that I will be raising one rupee on every km .


Q. What made you take up this challenge?

A. Something to give back to society through my passion for running and I have seen some kids with cancer but no money for treatment. Also, I have a thyroid deficiency and so running helps with thyroid pills.


Q. Running 2012K in no small feat. Is this the farthest you have run in a year? Do you have a weekly training schedule that you follow?

A. Yes, this would be the longest in my 3 years of training . I have a very structured schedule and am going as per that.


Q. How difficult/easy is fund raising through running in India? What are the steps one must follow to ensure a successful fundraiser?

A. My target was only running community, as they understand the passion and also the cause. But at the same time I must share that I have got contribution from many non-runners also. For being a successful fund raiser, intent should be very clear and you should be passionate about the cause. I have received tremendous support from my wife, family and my friends from running and non-running fraternity.


Q. Any other thoughts/messages that you would like to convey to the running community?

Running is a sport that tests you. It’s only training, training and training which will keep you surviving in this sport.

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