Monthly Archive: August 2014


Staying heart healthy as you train

Staying heart healthy as you train By Dr. Aashish Contractor r. Aashish Contractor is a leading preventive cardiologist and is the Medical Director of Qi Heart. He headed the Department of Preventive Cardiology & Rehabilitation,...

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Dreaming big! Meet Arunaabh Shah

Dreaming big: Meet Arunaabh Shah If you are part of the running community and love Facebook (and which runner doesn’t J?), you couldn’t have missed the dramatic images of a slender young man in green...

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Gael 5

The trail beckons…

The trail beckons…  An Interview with Gaël Couturier      At 41, Gaël Couturier is Editorial Director of The Outdoor Journal ( He’s been a trail runner for more than 20 years and has finished...

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Running and Rhythmic Breathing

Running and Rhythmic Breathing By Shammi Shammi is a leading yoga and wellness consultant and founder of the Mumbai-based Shammi’s Yogalaya, which advices clients on living healthier lives through the practice of yoga and...

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Meet Keerthana Swaminathan

Meet Keerthana Swaminathan She’s just 19. She runs up to 110 kilometers a week. Her half marathon personal best is an enviable 1 hour, 27 minutes! And she doesn’t even chase speed, preferring the...

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