Monthly Archive: June 2014


Comrades of the Fortnight

COMRADES OF THE FORTNIGHT Comrades Marathon, the world’s oldest and largest ultramarathon had over 50 Indians participating this year. With such a big contingent from our running community, we could not pass up a...

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Running regulates

RUNNING REGULATES… There is no need to preach to the choir on the benefits of running. We have all the info backward! For those in our immediate circles of influence, the runner’s obsession with running...

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Why morning runs

WHY MORNING RUNS Running for pleasure, running in a race, achieving the runner’s high, suffering the runner’s knee, overcoming the wall (The Blerch!), running in the morning, running in the evening, barefoot running, what...

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Run like a start-up

RUN LIKE A START-UP You know how working for a start-up has this aura of ‘cool’ and ‘fun’ and even ‘goodness’. The image is that of working in a garage in wrinkled clothes and...

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