Monthly Archive: March 2014


Meet Dharma

RUNNER OF THE FORTNIGHT – ‘Dharma’ Dharmendra Kumar 1. Running for you means:  Dharma – A way of life and a  journey of learning and self-discovery. 2. How many marathons/half marathons?  Dharma – 10 full and 4...

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Bangalore Runners Unity Run 2014

It took about ten minutes to get Ashwin Bala (Barefoot Bala) seated. Moments before, he was pacing the room, muttering phrases while playing Beethoven’s fifth with his hands. Boy was he thrilled! He took...

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Ideal nutrition for your 5k

The ideal pre 5k grub is essential for a better running experience. Remember not to overload, under energize or deploy your reserves too early. Here is an ideal nutrition guide for a solid 5K...

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