Monthly Archive: June 2013


TCS World 10k, 2013: Race report

The biggest middle-of-city running event of the year in Bangalore is certainly the TCS World 10k. Newbie runners, marathoners and ultra-marathoners alike turn up for the run. Here’s the run as experienced by runners...

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Cross training: Yoga for runners

We all know this – Yoga is a holistic workout, one that means ‘to attach to the root’. Ashtanga Yoga, or Power Yoga, particularly, is of huge use to runners. An hour of Yoga...

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RFL Recommends: App – Garmin Fit

The app to end all apps! At least, for the purpose of recording and analysing your workouts. This app is no-nonsense, made by Garmin and just really simple. The maps load your current location...

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Running into trouble

Irrespective of whether people run with a group of motivated individuals or by themselves, there are times when the need to call it quits reigns supreme. We looked at legit reasons for falling off...

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Walk this way

Those of you who remember RFL from 2006 might remember the old logo – a runner breasting a tape with the caption, “Why walk when you can run”. Ha! In this article, we are...

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“Life is a marathon”

S Bhadresh’s Story of Overcoming Health Obstacles through Running Here’s Bhadresh’s story… it reads like that of many others, to start with… A mechanical engineer with a job in Dubai that kept him busy...

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