Monthly Archive: July 2012


Book Review: Duel In The Sun

“Neither man broke; and neither, in any meaningful sense, lost.”   Although inextricably linked by the greatest marathon ever run, Salazar and Beardsley couldn’t have come from more disparate backgrounds with more contrasting attitudes...

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Runner of the Fortnight: Sunil Menon

Runner of the Fortnight: Sunil Menon  Q. Running for me means: A.  Holy ritual that keeps me sane and grounded.   Q. How many half marathons/ marathons have you run: A. Official Half Marathons, 2 Full Marathons...

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Product of the Fortnight

This brand new section in the fortnightly RFL Newsletter features one object of desire every fortnight. We will include a discount code for this object that will remain active until the next newsletter goes...

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Dream Runners Half Marathon – Race Report

Last Sunday, Dream Runners, the enthusiastic running group from Chennai organised their first Half Marathon. Here’s the race report from the runners who ran it.  Manivannan Vangalur   Q. Which category did you take part...

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Heroes of Running : P Venkatraman

In this edition of Heroes of Running, we feature P Venkat from Mumbai. From being a heart patient to someone who encourages that You Too Can Run, Venkat’s story is awe inspiring. We caught...

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