Monthly Archive: April 2012


The Boston Marathon

“I’ve learned that finishing a marathon isn’t just an athletic achievement. It’s a state of mind; a state of mind that says anything is possible.”– John Hanc Since its inception in 1897 there have...

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Running Safe

Running Safe     The running movement has been steadily picking up pace in India and with that, the numbers of runners on the streets have grown. While it is a great form of...

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Frequently Asked Questions

Most races and coaches will make you sign an indemnity bond and ask you to check with your doctor before you participate in their programs. This is not just a “save your ass” move...

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The road to London: Women’s Marathon Field

Last week we dissected the Men’s field. This time around, we place the Women’s field under the microscope. No surprises here though. The Women’s side is packed with East Africans who can throw down...

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Yoga for Runners

Until not so long ago there were few professional athletes who practised yoga, even in India where the concept of Yoga is less alien than in foreign countries. However, this is now changing as...

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Running With The Kenyans by Adharanand Finn

Running With The Kenyans by Adharanand Finn  When we look at an east African running, we always wonder how they make a sport as difficult as running look like a stroll in the park....

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Road to London 2012: Men’s 100m

Road to London 2012: Men’s 100m The most glamorous event of the games is the Men’s 100m. The runner who wins it bags the most coveted title of them all – the fastest man...

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