Monthly Archive: July 2010


Comrades Experience- Rahul Verghese

An amazing experience – showcasing how the ordinary end up achieving the extraordinary.   89km of hills – never had I thought that this is what I was getting into. Like many other first...

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Comrades Experience- Sanjay Dalal

At 33k, my first cramp hit me in the hamstring. The horror is that it just suddenly comes. Your feeling good at one point and next second your hamstring starts hurting. I knew that...

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Comrades Marathon- The Frontier Conquered

30th May, 2010 will go down in Long Distance Running History as the day when 8 brave souls from India braved the unforgiving course, the heat, the hills, and the fatigue to conquer the last...

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50/50 Ultra Marathon Man

The book is a must read for beginners and  experienced  runners alike.  Dean Karanazes accounts his experience of running 50 marathons in 50 states in 50 days, a feat which no one did till he completed it....

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