Monthly Archive: September 2009


The “Problem” of the Run Calendar

With running really becoming the next revolution, we thought we’d give you a sneak peek at all the events coming up, so you can plan your run calendar.Take a look at some of the...

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The Almighty Marathon

The weeks leading up to a marathon are filled with ups and downs. There are several things to watch out for like weight, diet, regimen, rest, and most importantly, a plan. Even the mildest...

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Running gyan: shoe review

Oh boy, the Lunaracer is lightweight. So light, that when you lift the Lunaracer shoe box, you might think for a split second that the box has no shoes in them. Not surprising, because...

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RFL Feature – KTM

The Kaveri Trail Marathon saw its fourth edition unfold by the banks of the mighty Kaveri on 13th Sep 2009. The KTM, which started as a prelude to the Ultra Marathon, has over the...

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Pick of the fortnight: MTB Himachal

Hercules Mountain Trail Biking (MTB) Himachal 2009 is here in its 5th edition. The event, India’s toughest cycling challenge ever, happens on a breath-taking 100 km stretch between Shimla and Manali. 10 days. 100...

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